April 13, 2024


Funds in the amount of $500,000 that were put aside by Conestoga Students Inc. for “capital development projects” have been officially designated for the renovation of the rec centre.

A motion at the March 5 meeting of the CSI board of directors made official their plans for the money by confirming that they would be used as CSI’s initial contribution to the rec centre project.

During the first-ever revision of CSI’s budget earlier this year, CSI set aside over half of the $945,000 surplus, accrued over previous years, for a large construction project.

At the time, Spoke reported that the funds were likely for the upcoming renovation of the rec centre, though CSI president Jason Wright refused to confirm the precise project that would receive the funds.

At that time, CSI general manager Janie Renwick and Wright were both already part of the management team for the rec centre project, which has an anticipated completion date of September 2015.

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