May 22, 2022


Have you ever been hungry, longing for a home-cooked meal but you are sorely lacking any of the essential ingredients required to make anything close to edible? College students have long struggled with  food, never having it, not knowing how to prepare it or just being too lazy to actually cook it. Conestoga integrated marketing communications student Eugene Petrov is helping James Mclean and Steven Wang launch an app that may alleviate this problem.

Homefed is an app that makes it possible to find home-cooked meals in your area.

They are posted by people who are looking to host a meal or looking to teach someone how to make a specific meal. People hosting  can also  sell that meal, for a donation price.

The app also functions like other social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook by featuring profiles, a chat feature, reviews, messaging as well as an offline ID that will confirm a guest’s or host’s government-issued ID to confirm that said person isn’t fabricating anything on his or her profile.

“Our target audience is basically foodies as well as people who want to share their food creations,” said Mclean, who is the head designer on the project. Wang added, “We have also had a lot of interest from culinary students. We have been in talks with Conestoga College’s culinary school.”

Homefed was also described by Wang as a social experience, something that can bring people together through the magic of a home-cooked meal.

“A lot of our users are telling us that their interest is food,” said Wang, “but they are also really interested in meeting like-minded people who really like food. And this is an avenue where we can bring these people together.”

The Homefed team is also hoping that their app will appeal to students, both as a social experience and as a way to get an affordable meal. Mclean said, “There will be students who are really good cooks or some that are foodies, as well as students who are new to a town and want to expand their social circle. It’s a really great opportunity for them. Also, if a student is away from home and they want a home-cooked meal they can get something like that. Because when you’re a student you basically just eat whatever you can get your hands on.”

“Our philosophy is that anyone can be a good cook,” said Mclean, “you just have to find that one dish that you’re really good at.”

Homefed is currently in its beta stage of development and is open to anyone who wants to sign up and test it out. Go to if interested. The finished product is slated for release in the spring for Android and IOS according to the app’s creators.

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