July 15, 2024

Aries: A friend is constantly asking for your help. You have to let them do things for themselves.
This weekend: Go your own way.

Taurus: Things are looking dark right now but perseverance will help guide you into the light.
This weekend: Brightness.

Gemini: Your ability to be charming and likeable will soon get you into trouble. Be cautious of how friendly you are.
This weekend: Reserved.

Cancer: Don’t be worried about how people perceive you. Know who you are and own it.
This weekend: Confident.

Leo: You have forgiven but you will not forget. Time to let the past go.
This weekend: Release.

Virgo: You have the tendency to nitpick people. It may hurt them more than you think.
This weekend: Be aware.

Libra: Your work environment is really starting to get into a harmonious vibe. Keep the positivity up.
This weekend: Smooth sailing.

Scorpio: Your intuition is your compass. Follow it and you will head in the right direction.
This weekend: Follow your gut.

Sagittarius: Don’t lose track of your inner child. They will keep your life light and interesting.
This weekend: Spice it up.

Capricorn: Take a step back. You have become overwhelmed with your schooling. Take a break and recharge.
This weekend: Nap

Aquarius: Don’t always live inside your head. Get out there and try something new.
This weekend: Get wild.

Pisces: Other people’s emotions around you are impacting how you feel. Don’t forget to take care of your feelings first.
This weekend: In tune.

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