October 2, 2022

Aries: Staying productive will be important. A decision you make has surprising positive side-effects.
This weekend: Impulse.

Taurus: While you won’t be able to keep this pace up forever, you can bask in the rewards of your own drive for the moment.
This weekend: Interest.

Gemini: You’ll make an unlikely connection during your usual routine. Seize the opportunity.
This weekend: Gloss.

Cancer: You may not notice, but your example is helping people around you. Perservere.
This weekend: Redoubt.

Leo: Make some time for yourself this week. You need the time to re-organize your thoughts.
This weekend: Implacable.

Virgo: Chin up, Virgo. The winds of change are about to blow your way.
This weekend: Genesis.

Libra: Your affinity for understanding the feelings of those close to you will put you in a delicate situation. Trust your instincts.
This weekend: Smooth.

Scorpio: The future is great, Scorpio. But don’t stick your head too far into the clouds.
This weekend: Slide.

Sagittarius: Your stoic nature will come in handy this week. Pack a lunch.
This weekend: Foresight.

Capricorn: Armed with knowledge, you will take this week by storm. Don’t hesitate.
This weekend: Drive.

Aquarius: You’re going to meet someone that intrigues you this week. If you’re already attached, your lover comes to you with a concern. Listen closely.
This weekend: Clarity.

Pisces: Love enters your gaze this week. If attached, you discover something new and exciting about your partner. Celebrate.
This weekend: Discovery.

Ephram Strange tried to drill a hole through his head, and it would have worked if you hadn’t stopped him.

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