July 15, 2024

Aries – You are off on a new adventure! Let your heart be your guide.
This weekend: Compass

Taurus – It is time for change. This is hard for you to embrace but the outcomes are positive.
This weekend: Persevere

Gemini – Your light is shining bright! You may not know it but you are brightening someone’s week that is down on their luck.
This weekend: Light the way

Cancer – The love revolution has arrived. You will be overwhelmed with infatuation and romance.
This weekend: Scorch

Leo – You have a knack for creativity. Time to get back into the passion you gave up years ago.
This weekend: Flow

Virgo – Don’t let the small stuff ruffle your feathers. Look past it to the bigger picture.
This weekend: Calm

Libra: You feel torn between two people. Don’t let their problems pull you into pieces.
This weekend: Focus

Scorpio – Someone has taken something of yours and you are determined to resolve the situation. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you.
This weekend: Frustrated

Sagittarius – Stress is weighting you down. Don’t let the pressure cause you to ignore what needs to be done.
This weekend: Procrastination

Capricorn – Things have been tough, but a light is waiting at the end of the tunnel. You are almost there – just keep swimming.
This weekend: Tough it out

Aquarius – Good things have been coming your way but the train isn’t going to stop now. Be prepared for more success.
This weekend: Shake it out

Pisces – Your schedule is busy and it is causing you anxiety. Take the time to schedule accordingly or thing might slip through your fingers.
This weekend: Red pen

Lady Celeste is the flow in flowers, the sun in sunshine and rays in Ray Bans.

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