May 24, 2022

BY KELSEY DUNBARDunbarKelseypromo

George Stroumboulopoulos’s move to Hockey Night in Canada has been compared to Sesame Street. Scott Moore, head of production at Rogers Sportsnet, said in a televised news conference that George will be the one thing that is not like the others. This phrase is well known from the children’s television show. I know Rogers is hoping George will attract a younger audience, but how young are they thinking?

I would expect that with headlines such as Seven sobering stats about violence in Canada and More than 900 workers have died building World Cup infrastructure in Qatar, which appear on the Strombo page on, George’s viewers would be made up of those 25 years of age and older.

The March 10 announcement is Rogers’ biggest change to Hockey Night In Canada. The company is hoping to gain viewers from George’s award-winning show, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, and make great use of his interviewing skills. In my opinion this big switch could work out really well.

I must admit that when I first heard this news on the radio, I almost pulled my car over. I had no idea that Rogers was even planning this and the decision was made very quickly. But the more I think about it, it could work. Although that could just be me and my positive outlook on life.

The more I consider George hosting Hockey Night In Canada and about TV hosts’ connection to their shows, the more I saw the lack of connection and the more I realized it doesn’t matter. For example, join me on my little slightly off topic rant. How was Ryan Seacrest ever chosen for American Idol? I know it is hard to think about because Seacrest has been hosting the show for 13 years, but before his mega stardom, he was a radio personality. Seacrest isn’t a musician or a songwriter, so how was he ever considered for the American Idol job? Yet, after 13 seasons I couldn’t image anyone else better suited.

The same goes for Jeff Probst, host of Survivor.

I conclude that all the haters of this big switch in late night hockey television should give George one season to either go up in flames, which all the haters would love to see, or set the bar high for Canadian television hosts.

George has a very unique style of interviewing and is a very dedicated host. I am sure he will pour all of his blood, sweat and tears into whatever show he works on, regardless of the network he is on.

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