December 2, 2023


Teams of students gathered in the Sanctuary on March 4 to participate in a variety of fun and challenging timed tasks to compete for a cash prize in front of a cheering crowd.

Groups of students had their skills put to the test in these “Minute to Win It” challenges based on the popular game show of the same name.

The tasks, which were organized by Conestoga Students Inc., were enjoyable for all – participants and audience alike – and brought on praise and applause from the Sanctuary’s crowd.

Some of the challenges included bouncing ping-pong balls into cups; dropping a cookie from your forehead into your mouth; ripping tissues from a tissue box as fast as possible; keeping three balloons afloat with just your hands; and blowing a stack of cards off a bottle while leaving one card on, a challenge called “Blowing the Joker.”

“Blowing the Joker seemed hardest,” said Jason Cunha-Lautsch, a first-year general arts and science student who participated in several events. “Nobody could complete it.”

Contestants from all over Conestoga took part – including Spoke’s own Cole Froude – and everyone had a chance to test their skills in these short but difficult challenges.

CSI communications co-ordinator Zack Dodge was pleased with the number of eager participants, and was glad that events such as Minute to Win It (and the Rock Paper Scissors tournament earlier in the year) have been so popular with students.

“I’d like to see them both come back next year,” he said.

With all the bouncing balloons, falling cups, torn tissues and blown cards, it’s no wonder the Minute to Win It challenges were a blast for all.

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