December 8, 2022

Aries – The end is near, the school year. Do not fear.

This weekend: Composure.

Libra – A creative streak is coming up, try and create.

This weekend: Blueprints.

Taurus – The thaw has been pleasant, copy the weather, and don’t be so icy. It will bring people closer to you.

This weekend: Melt.

Scorpio – Action is a driving force, harness it now and you will do a lot.

This weekend: Momentum.

Gemini – Work and play don’t always go together but they can soon.

This weekend: Work fun.

Sagittarius – Crafty thoughts can help you find easier ways to do things, pursue them and see if they work.

This weekend: Shortcut.

Cancer – You may find yourself in the position of mediator soon. If you help sort things out between people, they may both be grateful.

This weekend: Ref.

Capricorn – Try to give thanks a little more often and offer more help too. Your stature could rise dramatically with some minor changes.

This weekend: Paragon.

Leo – Earth Day is coming up, why not try and be more green in advance?

This weekend: Activist.


Nature is ready to play, try to as well. You may find that next hobby.
This weekend: New you.

Virgo – The lights are brighter and the weather is warmer, go outside and see what it has to offer.

This weekend: Walkabout.

Pisces – Cooking or cooking something new can be a fun thing to do and will help you feel self-reliant and accomplished.

This weekend: Recipes.


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