May 30, 2024

Aries: The stars will be aligning on your love life. This week will leave you feeling reassured in your relationship.

This weekend: Dizzy.


Taurus: Don’t let dreams of failure hold you back. It is just your fear speaking.

This weekend: Nightmares.


Gemini: You are being weighted down by stress. Don’t let your overwhelming work load make you crack.

This weekend: Work.


Cancer: You will be going on a field trip of a lifetime. Here you will learn many new things.

This weekend: Adventure.


Leo: Your brain is ahead of your body. You have forgotten to do something important.

This weekend: Slow down.


Virgo: You are relaxing after a very stressful week. Kick back and enjoy the time off.

This weekend: Chill.


Libra: You will finally be recognized for your hard work. Get ready for the limelight.

This weekend: Click.


Scorpio: You are feeling nostalgic this week. Take a trip down memory lane — it’ll be a good ride.

This weekend: Transition.


Sagittarius: You are ecstatic about what is too come. Freedom is on its way.

This weekend: Fly.


Capricorn: You have lots of opportunities if you know where to look. Don’t limit yourself.

This weekend: Next steps.


Aquarius: Your love life is in the dumps. Don’t worry now is a time you need to be alone.

This weekend: Video games.


Pisces: Get dolled up and strut your stuff. You need a good night out.

This weekend: Party.


Lady Celeste walks the train tracks of life, or do the tracks walk her?

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