July 15, 2024


An election for a student member for the Conestoga’s Board of Governors will determine who the voice of the student population is.

Voting, which began April 4, ends April 7. All students should have recieved an email with a link allowing them to vote.

The candidates are Joshua Bonnar, a student in the applied health information science program, Len Meyer, a student in the business administration – management program, Qasem Najem, a student in the electronics engineering technology – telecommunications systems program, Manmeet Singh, a student in the project management program and Erin Thomas, a student in the business administration – accounting program.

All full-time and part-time students are eligible to vote.

The candidates’ profiles can be read online and can help you decide who to vote for.

Len Meyer said in his profile that he wants to see increased student involvement in all facets, with the school, community and each other.

Qasem Najem said he wants to create a sense of community and awareness to make students more connected to the school.

Manmeet Singh said he wants to get more opinions from students before major decisions present the goals, views and concerns of students and get board members to engage more with students.

Erin Thomas said she wants Conestoga College to reach its potential as an Ontario community college leader.

As of writing Joshua Bonnar does not have a candidate profile.

A link to the complete profiles was are included in an email that was sent out to students and can be reached at http://www.conestogac.on.ca/governance/elections/2014/students/
Candidate Qasem Najem explained in an email why he thought the position was important.

“The student representative is a very important role at the Board of Governors.

Conestoga College has more than 45,000 students between full time, part time, and apprenticeship.

The student position on the Board of Governors is the best and most effective way to bring students’ concerns to the board where most decisions are made and discussed,” he said.

He also encouraged students to participate and vote.

“I wish all students understood the importance of their participation in the upcoming election.

Conestoga College is our college, and we all should contribute to make it better.

Students are the first key to change or improve anything, and they should be aware of their college community,” he said.

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