February 6, 2023

The co-curricular record (CCR) is set to launch in September 2014. The CCR connects students to on-campus opportunities through an online search engine, and also records and recognizes students for their involvement in approved co-curricular experiences (i.e. on-campus volunteer positions, workshops, clubs, teams, training modules and committees, etc.).
Upon completion of the experience, students have the opportunity to reflect on the learning achieved through their participation. This reflection is useful to showcase their skills to potential employers. As the CCR will complement students’ academic transcripts, it makes for a valuable addition to résumés and portfolios.
“I really didn’t know how well volunteer experiences could be utilized on a résumé or in an interview,” said Steve Frangakis, a second-year public relations student. “It makes sense that employers would want to know how those experiences taught you something that would make you a better employee.”
Research has shown that employers value not just what students learn inside the classroom, but outside of it as well.
“We know that employers are looking to hire well-rounded people who have strong leadership skills; at Conestoga, we’re providing students with the ability to become just that,” said Michael Dinning, vice-president of Student Affairs.
“The CCR provides students with the ability to find and participate in activities that relate to their interests and provide them with learning that builds their skills. We value student-centred learning, and we see co-curricular experiences as an important part of holistic student development.”
Conestoga has long recognized the value of co-curricular experiences, and the CCR helps students in linking their experiences with learning and skills. Amy Baird of the Student Life department is the lead administrator for the CCR, and is excited about its launch.
“The purpose of the CCR is to provide an intentional and guided process for a student to become connected in meaningful co-curricular experiences,” she said.
Students can access the co-curricular record by logging into the Student Portal and clicking on “CCR” under the Services tab. For more information, they can contact Amy Baird in the Student Life department at abaird@conestogac.on.ca.

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