December 2, 2023


Lately it’s been a hot topic. Hackers have accessed dozens of personal iCloud accounts and distributed the private pictures and information.Mmapple

People everywhere are now discussing whether or not Apple products are still safe to use; iPhones are popular with young adults which has some college students scared.

One Conestoga College student worries about what would happen to her information if she was to switch to Apple.

“I would feel violated, annoyed and worry about future hacks and going through identity theft,” said Sara Stankovic, a first-year biotechnology student.

When some students and faculty at Conestoga College were asked their opinions on Apple devices most answered that they’ve recently heard a lot of rumours about Apple security and for some they are basing their opinions on these rumors.

“I am not with any Apple devices and do not use the Cloud because I understand how these systems and devices work,” said Jarret Hagen, a Conestoga College IT service desk technician.

“Because of these rumours I will never use an Apple device, even if it is for no cost.”

Stankovic, however, did not believe the product was entirely to blame.

“There will always be hackers and it just takes a little time for them to find a crack in secure programs, especially if it is new,” she said.

Hagen showed concern about the young adults who currently use Apple devices.

“I weep for the new generation,” he said.

“I would advise consumers to do their due diligence and not purchase vulnerable devices such as Apple.”

Although Hagen is concerned about Apple’s security features, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus were released last Friday and if the popularity of the previous models are any indication, millions of people will soon have their hands on the new smartphone.

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