November 28, 2022


Drinking, for some students, can be a way to relax and unwind from a stressful week. But what happens when students are allowed to drink on campus during school hours?

Jeff Scherer, president of Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI), said it isn’t an issue.

“Drinking on campus during our open pub hours has not been a problem,” he said. “We believe that our student body is both responsible and trustworthy enough to make good decisions.”

When asked, some students didn’t see a problem with it either. But when told some students work with machinery, chemicals and dangerous equipment and materials, these same students no longer thought drinking between classes was a good ideanmpubdays (3).

However, Michael Dinning, vice-president of Student Affairs, said, “We always ask students, staff and faculty to exercise good judgment. If you’re putting yourself into a situation that’s not safe, it is probably best for you to not compromise your ability to respond to situations.”

With CSI overseeing the pub, Dinning said Conestoga tries to act more like a big brother figure, but that they cannot control everyone.

He said CSI and Student Affairs have always had a great relationship, making it easier to discuss these kinds of issues.

Also, the individuals serving the alcohol are Smart Serve certified and security staff monitor the Sanctuary on Pub Days.

Dinning said they ask everyone to be aware of the consequences of consuming alcohol, including faculty. He said if a professor believes a student has been drinking, and he or she is in a shop class, the teacher will ask the student to leave.

“It comes down to we try to encourage students to try and understand that their time here is to prepare them to go and get work,” Dinning said. “Their time here should be based on the level of professionalism that will be necessary to survive in the workforce.”

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