September 25, 2022


Not only does The WORKS serve a wide variety of burgers, they also serve them in a community-oriented atmosphere.

The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro opened its newest restaurant in Kitchener on Sept. 19 and held a Free Burger Day on Sept. 30 where diners made donations instead of paying for their meal.

Shirley MacLean is the owner and operator of the new restaurant and also owns franchises in Waterloo and Kingston.

In addition to being known for its philanthropic work, the restaurant chain is known for its local favourite burgers that specifically reflect each community. KC-WORKS(1)

MacLean personally named the “local faves” burgers which are all connected to the Kitchener community. They include: the Cops & Rangers burger which represents the Waterloo Regional Police and the Kitchener Rangers; the Onkel Hans burger which was named for the Oktoberfest mascot; the Kitchener Sink which is a play on the kitchen sink; Fire Station No. 4 which represents the local fire department; and the Magic Carpet Ride which represents one of Chicopee’s trails.

She didn’t hesitate when she was given the opportunity to choose a charity to donate the proceeds to.

MacLean grew up in the hockey world.

“My father was a junior hockey coach who always had an intellectually challenged person on the team as the water boy or as the stick boy, so I grew up always seeing that.” So, it was an easy decision for her to choose Special Olympics – Kitchener-Waterloo.

The Free Burger Day initiative is a prime example of why they are not just a regular restaurant – they also care about the neighbourhood and the community.

In a Sept. 29 article on 570 News’ website, Special Olympics coach Julie Wetzler said they’re very grateful to be on the receiving end of the donation.

MacLean said The WORKS does not do these events all the time, but they do different charitable events throughout the year to support Kitchener charities.

The restaurant, which is located at 589 Fairway Rd. S., is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.

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