February 5, 2023


This week will be a daring and interesting adventure, be courageous and maybe you’ll find something more than just treasure.


Don’t mix up your patience with laziness, get up and go this week, maybe you’ll see something new.


You have so much energy this week Gemini, almost too much energy, channel it into some of your projects.


The dreary weather is bringing you down and making you extremely clingy.  Try depending on yourself instead of other and get out of that funk.


You have been falling behind lately Leo, encourage yourself to be confident and lead yourself  to victory.


You have been the rock for so many Virgo, you’re helpfulness has been greatly appreciated.


This week will be hectic for you, try bring peace to yourself and you’ll push through this week with ease.


Let me guess, you have become obsessed with a new TV show, relax it’s okay, but don’t forget you have prior engagements.


You have been falling in the same routine for too long, your future calls for some changes.  Be prepared.


Patience is key Capricorn, it’s understandable that you want to get things done but other things may need more attention.


Use your imagination this week, bring some creative new ideas to the table, I’m sure you’ll discover something important.


You’ve been rather distant lately, it’s probably best that you start pushing yourself and believing in what you’re capable of.  You’ll surprise yourself.

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