December 4, 2023


We have all been told in the past that education is important. Since we were in kindergarten, we were told you need to apply yourself and achieve the highest marks you can in order to succeed.

High marks will get you a better education and, in turn, a better career so you can have the lifestyle you want.

I’m not arguing against that logic, but what happens when you get through high school with great marks and find out you can’t afford post-secondary education, and your parents can’t help you out.

Many students find themselves in this position every year. It’s hard enough to be a full-time student when you have a full course load and no time outside of class to support yourself. Even with the potential scholarships or some form of support from family or friends, students are still struggling to get through post-secondary education.

Tuition continues to increase, costing thousands of dollars.

Many students rely on the Ontario Student Assistance Program to help them achieve that dream job; unfortunately, those students will be paying that loan off for years to come.

When you add on living expenses including rent, food and transportation, it becomes rather daunting.

In my opinion, we should be paid to go to school. It sounds insane, but if you think about it, the students who know they will not be able to afford a post-secondary education lose all hope. They accept that they will remain a lower class citizen working a lower paying job.

If they had the chance to continue their education without worrying about payments they would be able to follow their dreams and work hard to better their life.

Everyone deserves a chance to get a post-secondary education. Most people want a job that they can be proud of; one that they look forward to going to every day.

You will be working the majority of your life so why not work at a job that you’ll be happy at without worrying about how you will pay for the education to get that job.

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