June 28, 2022


The hardship of picking up a pen and turning your thoughts into a story are difficult but Larry Brown, an author in Brantford, provided what aspiring writers needed to know to keep their thoughts flowing.

On Nov. 8, in the Clemens Mills branch of the Cambridge Public Library, Brown held a seminar for writers having a hard time finding their way through their pages of ideas.

All that could be heard in the small seminar room was the scratching of pens against paper as Brown walked several people through the process of developing a story.

“He just comes up with things that I’m not expecting to even write about. I find it really stimulating and I come up with all kinds of ideas I would like to write about after all,” said Lin Thompson-Knoll, a writer who attended his seminar.

Brown challenged attendees by giving a scene which they then had to write about.

These exercises are used to form a base so that writers can use their own imagination to conjure up a story. In one exercise, attendees had to incorporate the words “too salty” in their writing.

“I thought it was brain- draining inspiration. Very thought-provoking, very enlightening and inspirational,” said Cindy Burrows, another aspiring writer who attended the seminar.

Brown decided since he had done some teaching in his past and is a successful writer, he should help people around him.

Three summers ago, he went to his local library in Brantford and asked if he could conduct seminars and writing workshops within the library.

Since then, Brown has been travelling to out-of-town libraries to give writers his advice and expertise as well.

“A lot of people don’t realize what a story is or how small detail can blow up,” he said.

Brown encourages writers to push their abilities; therefore, he puts their ideas to the test with several different challenges.

Brown said there are only two things a writer needs to create a successful short story and they are tension and detail, specific detail.

For those who are interested in getting help with their writing, a six-week short story writing class will run Wednesday nights from 6-8 p.m. at Clemens Mills from Feb. 4 to March 11 for free.

You can register by calling 519-740-6294.

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