May 8, 2021


The Spooky Tour was appropriately named, as intestines and blood were just two of the ghoulish sights to be seen.

The fifth annual fundraising event was held from Oct. 24 to 26 in Waterloo. Children and families were invited to attend this year’s Mad Scientist-themed event.

“It’s my children’s initiative, I just encourage them,” said Jayne Hembruff, a Waterloo yoga instructor. Hembruff cancelled the yoga classes she holds inside of her home to provide her children, Leela, 11, Dhillion, 13, and Kia, 15, with the necessary space for their Halloween tours.

The suggested price for each tour was $1. With four levels of spookiness to choose from, many children went through more than one level. After the tour people could enjoy a drink as well as a snack for an additional $1.

The children had set a goal of $500 and, as of Oct. 25, were almost halfway there.
Hembruff estimated that her children along with some volunteers from the community had raised $200 so far, with proceeds being donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Kia Tagger, event co-ordinator, said a family friend of hers was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three, and given a two per cent chance of living. He’s still alive today.

“We want to raise more money for miracles like that,” Kia said.

Chloe McDonald, a volunteer for the Spooky Tour, said she hopes next year’s event will have a bigger turnout. “I hope that we can expand and hopefully get some more people involved.”

Not only was their mother proud of them, but also the community and the mayor.
Brenda Halloran, mayor of Waterloo, was inspired by the community’s spirit and the children’s leadership.

“… I think it really does inspire people and it sometimes makes you sit back and reflect on, you know, how the world is a pretty great place and the children are leading the way so I’m proud to be here,” she said.

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