January 29, 2023


Faculty, staff and students gave blood for a good cause Nov. 13 in the gymnasium of the recreation centre at Conestoga College.BloodClinic

Last year the college was challenged to donate 72 units of blood at the blood donor clinic, and by the end of the day, 80 units were collected. The hope this year was the clinic would exceed that number.

The process takes about an hour, from the time you walk in and fill out the required paperwork to the time you leave. The blood given is used within days to help save or improve someone’s life. Every donation makes a difference and donors can give every 56 days.

Before donating blood you are tested to see which blood type you have which can be one of four: O, A, B or AB. There is also an “Rh factor” which determines if your type is either positive or negative. It is important because your blood type affects who can receive your blood as well as which types you can receive.

According to the Canadian Blood Services website, “Blood and blood products are a critical part of everyday medical care including major surgeries, medical procedures, cancer treatments and managing disease.”

Many students who attended the blood clinic said it was their first time donating. There were refreshment stations with juice boxes and various snacks for donors after their donation was complete.

“I don’t mind donating blood; it’s the right thing to do,” said Sarah Rowsell, a second-year recreation and leisure student. “One day I might need blood and I’ll be relying on donors.”

In order to donate people must be in good health and be between the ages of 17 and 61. Regular donors can continue until the age of 71, and even longer with the authorization of their doctor.

“I don’t like needles, but this isn’t that bad,” said Gabby Magliarisi, a first-year health office administration student.

Anyone who wasn’t able to attend the clinic but is interested in donating blood can make an appointment by calling 1-888-2DONATE or visiting www.blood.ca.

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  1. I’m glad to read that so many students donated.

    A small correction – you must be “Between 17 and 71 birthday (regular donor), or between 17 and 61 birthday (first-time donor).”, not 17 and 23 as the article states.

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