June 6, 2023


Your moodiness will be your downfall.  Take a breather and clear your plate and give yourself a fresh start.


You have been following an unknown leader for some time now, maybe it’s wise to start creating your own path.


You have been caught up with your independence; and that’s good, but it might be time to gain help from a group.


Someone has betrayed you and you’re left feeling bereft and hurt.  Don’t worry, pick yourself back up and keep going.


You have been a great help to your family and friends but it’s time that you work on yourself for a while.


You’re worried about so many things Virgo, relax and let whatever happens, happen.


You have a hard time saying “no”, don’t be shy Libra.  If you don’t want to do something, it is perfectly acceptable to say so.


Your fear of failure will be the end of your sanity.  Don’t worry, just do your best, which is the only thing that is requested from you.


You’re having a battle against yourself every morning and it makes you late for class.  Maybe it’s time to actually set that alarm at 6:30.


Something changed in your life, and it wasn’t planned but that’s okay. Keep your head up and it’ll pass without fail.


You have taken pride in knowing you can give a witty comment but be warned, you’re cleverness might get you in trouble.


You have taken the easy route too many times to count.  Man up, take the reins and drive to your fame!

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