December 8, 2022


A Bollywood Dance Fitness Club has kicked off at Conestoga College, with the first session taking place on Oct. 27 in the rec centre gymnasium.Bollywooddance1

It is the brainchild of fast track recreation and leisure student and instructor Santhosh Chacko, who could be seen dancing in a lungi (a traditional Indian garment) outside Tim Hortons the Friday before to help promote the new club.

“The marketing was very well done,” said Himani Gandhi, a construction project management student. “The dancing in front of the Tim Hortons, that was a really good strategy by them. There was theme music and he was in a lungi.”

The club is for all levels of expertise, from beginner to expert, and will help improve your fitness health and maybe boost your confidence.

“You get confidence when you dance,” said Rish Sirha, a business management student.

Canada is a multicultural country and Conestoga College reflects that diversity. Chacko wanted Conestoga’s clubs to also reflect that, and after getting approval from Conestoga Student Inc. the club was born.

“Conestoga is a very diverse community, there are students from all over the world here,” he said. “Bollywood music and dance isn’t familiar to many of them, so I thought this was a great opportunity for the Conestoga community to celebrate our diversity.”

With 15 people in attendance, Chacko was happy with the turnout for the first session and hope more will come out to learn new dance moves and help improve their fitness at the same time.

The dance club runs Mondays from 3-4 p.m. at the rec centre.

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