January 29, 2023


With the holiday season just around the corner, many people are trying to think of good ideas for Christmas gifts.

For your gadget geeks, stores such as Future Shop and Best Buy always have many tech gifts on sale, ranging from laptops to video game consoles. Stores such as Chapters, which started off selling books, are also getting in on the action, selling electronics as well, such as e-books and iPads.

“I think people like buying new technology because it is the way our future is. People want to get the new gadgets so they don’t get left behind,” said Owen, a tech employee at Staples in Waterloo, who wouldn’t give his last name due to store policy.

Electronics stores have many different gadgets being sold that remain popular each and every year.

“Tablets are our most popular selling gadgets, especially iPads, Samsung Notes and Microsoft Surface,” said Abdu, the supervisor at Staples in Waterloo. “E-readers, GPS, headphones and locked cellphones are also quite popular at our store.”

Holiday flyers have already been mailed out despite Christmas being 37 days away. Future Shop also has their holiday gift ideas posted on their main website.

These ideas come in different categories. For men, cameras, headphones and watches are gift suggestions, while gift ideas for women include iPhones and juicers. For children, remote control cars and battery-powered robot toys are recommended.

Some stores have some strange but convenient electronics for sale. For example, Best Buy is selling a number of odd-looking computer mice, including a Cyborg R.A.T.9 Laser Gaming Mouse for $169.99. They also have a Mad Catz R.A.T. M Wireless Bluetooth Laser Gaming Mouse for $69.99 and a Thermaltake Level 10 Optical Gaming Mouse for $79.95. Other gift ideas include a curved TV from Samsung for $2,399.99 which is described as having a “wider field of view.” Another odd item includes the Wieser Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt Lock, which allows you to lock and unlock your door simply by touching it. This is quite convenient for people who constantly lose their house keys. They can just touch the lock and the door opens. It sells for $219.99.

Abdu from Staples said that the holidays are their busiest time of the year and pointed out that with all of the new ideas coming out every year, he doesn’t expect this gadget craze to end anytime soon.

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