February 22, 2024

BY NATHAN BROWNInterstellar_ALT_Artowrk2resize

It all starts with a wormhole.

Opening in theatres Nov. 7, Interstellar hit the big screen with a bang. Written and directed by the legendary Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception), the sci-fi thriller boggles the minds of moviegoers, but also leaves people craving more.

Set in the future, Earth is running out of its natural resources. Cooper (played by Matthew McConaughey), a former pilot for NASA but now a farmer, discovers a gravitational phenomenon in his home, which leads him to stumble upon a top secret NASA installation. Cooper discovers that a wormhole has been placed beside Jupiter made out of pure gravity, suspected by NASA to have been created by an alien intelligence so humans can travel through it to find a new planet to colonize.

Accompanied by Amelia (played by Anne Hathaway), Cooper sets off to see what’s on the other side of the wormhole to try and save the human race from extinction, but is not prepared for what awaits him on the other end.

The movie attacks problems scientifically, making sure to explain things to the audience, such as figuring out the difference in hours and days from planet to planet. The lengthy scenes of talking help explain what’s going on and why things are happening.

The filming and cinematography for Interstellar is phenomenal, bringing a new light to the realm of sci-fi. From water-covered planets to frozen-over terrains, the film makes you feel like you’re standing with McConaughey on a desolate planet in the far reaches of space.

Shockingly, in a few theatres around the globe, customers have expressed concerns about not being able to hear the dialogue. Nolan went on the defence on behalf of his blockbuster space drama, saying, “The soundtrack was mixed this way, with an emphasis on the music.”

Nolan has outdone himself. He has not only successfully tackled the sci-fi genre, but has created a new way for people to view space movies, with new age special effects and scientific possibilities that will make you wonder what’s out there amongst the stars.

Interstellar kept me on the edge of my seat, with plot twists left, right and centre and dangers thrown at the characters that make you fear for their lives.

Although it is a little hard to follow in some scenes, the movie still delivers with extravagant cinematography and an incredibly interwoven plot through time and space.
I give this movie four out of five stars.

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