September 26, 2023

Aquarius – January 20 – February 18

  • Aquarius, you are often known to be rebellious. At this point you can’t afford to be. Knuckle down and finish what you are procrastinating on.

Pisces – February 20 – March 20

  • Pisces, you are known to be indecisive. Those around you notice this and are easily frustrated. This week, go with the flow. It will make things a lot easier.

Aries – March 21 – April 19

  • Relationships shouldn’t be your first priority at this point in time. Make adjustments and focus your energy toward what’s in front of you.

Taurus – April 20 – May 20

  • Taurus, you are known to be stubborn. Listening to someone else’s point of view might be beneficial.

Gemini – May 21 – June 21

  • Discuss your conclusions with someone who shares your outlook on the world. You’ll enjoy their point of view and feedback.

Cancer – June 22 – July 22

  • Find someone who you can trust. Share your feelings with that individual in order to prevent resentment in the future.

Leo – July 23 -August 22

  • Take time to acknowledge the feelings of others around you. If you don’t make time for them, you may hurt someone you love.

Virgo – August 23 – September 22

  • Virgos do not like to analyze their feelings. They pretend everything is OK and use it as a defense mechanism.

Libra – September 23 – October 22

  • Your easygoing attitude serves you and others well. Don’t forget that your needs cannot go unfilled. This week, focus on yourself.

Scorpio – October 23 – November 21

  • You will benefit by looking toward the light in a terrible situation. Focus your energy on the positive things in life.

Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21

  • You are detached from emotions. You are known to experience emotions then move on. This week, don’t let emotions hold you down.

Capricorn – December 22 – January 19

  • For the sake of happiness, appreciate what you have instead of striving to reach the next step in your life.

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