February 22, 2024


How much would you pay just to watch your friends completely embarrass tnmhypnotisthemselves on stage in front of a bunch of strangers? Or better yet, hear their sex noises?

Tony Lee, an X-rated hypnotist, blessed Conestoga with one of his raunchy yet entertaining shows on Nov. 20. Students saw everything from hypnotized students thinking they were having oral sex to having full out intercourse with the chairs they were sitting on.

The content of the show? Sex, sex and a lot more sex. And of course the f-bomb every other word.

“We’re here for the beers and entertainment,” said Matt Marson, a first-year welding and fabrication student.

And entertainment was most definitely what Marson and all the other students got.

Lee hypnotized students and had them do almost anything – most definitely things they would not do in front of strangers. He had hypnotized male students put their hands in their pants and made them think they were masturbating – yes, everyone saw that.

But how does Lee do it? He relaxes individuals into a subconscious state of mind. A conscious mind works as a problem-solver and analyzes situations. But a subconscious mind has no power to reason, it simply accepts and acts on suggestions that it is given.

The X-rated show, which has been performed over 30 times since the mid-’90s at Conestoga, made the most sexually uncomfortable situations over-the-top hilarious.

“It’s a great event from CSI. It’s hilarious; he’s like a comedian hypnotist and it’s hilarious for our age group,” said Colin Gaudet, a member of CSI’s board of directors and a second-year environmental civil engineering student.

The students who were hypnotized were chosen from the audience at the beginning of the show.

Lee, now having performed over 7,500 live X-rated hypnotist shows, never thought he would be doing this as a career.

“The reality is I started by accident. I hypnotized my girlfriend once,” Lee said. “I had a club and I started playing around with it (hypnotizing people) and doing stuff to make me laugh. Then I started doing other clubs. It took on a life of its own so I figured I’d tour Canada and see the world a bit before I got a real job but it just kept snowballing.”

The show had students laughing all night. At one point Lee actually convinced hypnotized students that a girl’s genital could talk. Now that was something interesting to see.

Lee even walked around handing out shots to students and everyone knows, college students enjoy free liquor.

“It’s always a blast here,” Lee said about performing at Conestoga.

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