May 19, 2022


Beer and beards are an unusual combination that wouldn’t typically mesh well together. However, they were a winning combination, at least for one night.

On Jan. 14 THEMUSEUM hosted the Beer & Beards event in Kitchener. Approximately 15 people (who were predominately men) enjoyed some alcoholic beverages while being given valuable information about grooming beards and hair.

Darren McDermott, owner of Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop in Kitchener, kept the audience engaged while giving out the useful advice. McDermott had hair care and skin care products on a display table, and passed them around. He also demonstrated how to properly use a straight razor.

According to McDermott, it’s satisfying to give men advice on grooming their beards and hair. “It’s really gratifying, because a lot of men don’t know where to turn or where to start. So it’s nice to be able to give them some alternatives that are easy and practical.”

The fact that beer was served at the occasion was added incentive for people to attend. The crowd was genuinely interested while McDermott spoke, and he got everyone involved by asking them questions about their grooming routines.

Event organizer Janessa Good discussed plans for the next Beer & Beards event. “We’re looking to start it up in the fall again. So we’ll brainstorm again, and come up with some other ones, and continue the series,” she said.

The next Beer+ Series event is on Feb. 11, titled Beer & Blooms. A Beer & Bingo event will finish the five-part series on March 25.


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