August 9, 2022


The cues were lined up and the billiard balls racked at the Cambridge campus on Jan. 22, in preparation for the CSI Pool Playoff tournament.

Spencer Miller, Conestoga Students Inc. Cambridge service co-ordinator said CSI purchased the pool table late last school year and started using it to host their Pool Playoff tournament at the beginning of the summer semester.

CSI has extended the length of the tournament over the past semester, so students from all classes and programs could take part in the event. This year the tournament was held from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. so students could play throughout the day, when it was convenient for them – either before, in between or after classes.

However, the turnout has been minimal, with only 12 students competing.

Miller said, “I have high hopes that the student involvement will grow as the students become more settled in their classes”.

Students were only allowed to play and win against the same competitor once per streak. After each game, the players had to tell CSI who won the previous game before starting another game. Also, if the students had a class and they were on a winning streak, they had to let CSI know in order to continue playing after class.

The winner was determined by who had the most consecutive wins and received a $20 Tim Hortons gift card.

Miller said it’s difficult to generate awareness about events.

“We put up posters and have upcoming events online in hopes that the students will read them and attend,” he said.

Daxit Chotara, a third-year civil engineering technology student, won the pool playoff.

“It was pretty good. There were a lot of different players and it was a good challenge,” he said.

Salim Latif, a second-year mechanical engineering student, has advice for next year’s students who plan on competing.

“Just got to work on the angles and practise until you become good at it,” he said.

Miller hopes students leave Conestoga College’s Cambridge campus with good memories.

“I hope that when students participate in CSI events that they are leaving with a good experience, a fun time and some new friends,” he said.


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