January 29, 2023


Conestoga Students Inc. held their first board of directors meeting of the year on Jan. 26

The four-hour-long meeting started with a presentation by Lucus Row of the EPYC initiative. EPYC (Empowering Proactive Youth and Community), is a series of workshops designed to help high school students understand their potential and get involved in their communities. The program is facilitated by post-secondary students. CSI is considering their involvement, and will be discussing it at their next meeting.

Proposals by board members were discussed in detail and broken down from all angles.

For the 750 to 1,000 students who ride the shuttle buses daily, the annoying morning radio program that is played on the bus, with all its ads and DJ banter, will not be an issue anymore. The board has approved the purchase of one XM Sirius radio subscription for one shuttle bus, and if feedback is positive, they will look at purchasing another one for the other shuttle bus. The satellite radio service can also be used at CSI events.

“It’s efficient, it’s effective and it’s affordable,” board member Colin Gaudet said.

Aboriginal Services will receive some financial support from CSI after a proposal was approved to add more spots to their moccasin and drum making workshops that will be taking place in March. Last year when the workshops took place there was only room for 15 students per event, which left some students not being able to be part of the unique experience. Now with CSI’s added support, an additional 15 spaces will be available for more students to get involved.

In other business, CSI vice-president Cameron Jones brought forth a simple but important proposal regarding obtaining more media coverage of Conestoga’s sports teams.

“There is coverage of the university teams and high school teams. I mean if high school teams are being covered Conestoga should be as well,” Jones said.

CSI will be getting in contact with local media agencies, such as Rogers, to see how to go about getting increased coverage.

Other approved proposals included having a Super Smash Brothers video-game tournament that will see the winner receiving a $50 EB Games card, as well as having his or her name on a plaque that will be purchased, and then displayed in the Den. Also, a new microwave will be purchased for the Brantford campus.

The board will meet again Feb. 23 at 6 p.m. in the Welcome Centre’s Guild Room. All are welcome to attend.


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