May 24, 2022



If you stopped by the Sanctuary on Jan. 20 for cheap pizza or a cold beer, you may have gotten a glimpse into the future. Psychic Marisa Munshaw, was at the venue doing free tarot card readings to willing students.

I waited in a long line, with many fellow students, to visit a psychic for the first time. Upon each of our turns, we shuffled the deck and chose 10 tarot cards that Munshaw then interpreted, telling us our future fortunes or dangers.
When it was my turn, she had already figured out my personality before I even picked the cards. She knew I was a nighthawk and rarely slept more than five hours. Munshaw told me my cards were directed at celebration in the spring and job opportunities. Maybe she guessed I am in my final semester and graduation is not so far off. Or maybe she knew my sister is due with her second child in May. As for job opportunities, well, when I graduate hopefully jobs will be in my future.

Other students also thought Munshaw did a good job.

“She was very accurate in terms of figuring out my personality,” said Cindy Do, a first-year software engineering technology student, who was having a psychic reading for the first time.

While some students were hoping for money or news about a career to be revealed, it just was not in the cards for all of them. However, romance seemed to be in the future for a couple of students.

“She said I will get engaged soon,” said Bridget Kerr, also in first-year software engineering technology. Hopefully her boyfriend takes that news well.

Do said, “She said I might get married to a person I meet in my career field.”

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