December 2, 2023

You’re wondering about your value, why not ask your friends. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Something has changed drastically in your life, don’t panic. Everything will reveal itself in time.
You have been judging from afar lately, instead of keeping your distance go and speak to them. You’ll learn something new.
You have been having trouble controlling your temper, that’s okay but maybe you should drink from herbal tea to relax.
You have been feeling unappreciated lately but don’t fret, your adoration will come.
You have been obsessing about so many things that it is becoming almost impossible to keep organized. Step back and take a breath.
You have been trying to make everyone else happy while you have been left in the dark, take some time for yourself.
You have total control right now and this will bring you success.
You have been emotionally attached to some things and it has been throwing you out of balance. Don’t worry, this will soon end.
You have been working very hard on all your project, therefore feeling very lonely. Go out for a night, enjoy yourself and you’ll feel better.
You have been holding back your true feelings lately because you’re afraid of the outcome. Take a shot in the dark and speak the truth.
You have been overthinking everything around you lately, calm down and reflect. Trust in your gut feelings, they will not disappoint you.

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