November 28, 2022


By now, many people who made a New Year’s resolution have lost interest. That first day of the new year is the time when everyone chooses aspects of their lives that they want to change or improve. One of the more popular resolutions is to get healthy and fit by signing up at the local gym. I go to World Gym in Kitchener and have been going for a year. In January I noticed a lot of new people working out and getting memberships. Now, seven weeks later, those people are nowhere to be seen.
Although getting fit is a great resolution, unfortunately it’s one that many people find hard to follow through with.
Quitting smoking is another popular one. All are great ideas in theory, but I believe making a healthy change in your life involves more than picking something to improve because it’s a new year.
To make a change in your life you first need to study your own habits and understand why you started it in the first place. Really understanding why it has become such a dominate part of your life is the first step in being able to overcome it.
Many students, for example, fall into the routine of staying up late throughout the week and eating quick and cheap food – usually fast food. They already have the stress of trying to get through school with great grades so they can eventually get the career they want. It’s a lot of pressure, and it makes it hard to break that habit.
It takes time to slowly introduce healthier habits and distractions. If going to the gym more often was your resolution, then start off by going whenever you can instead of sitting in front of the TV and watching Netflix all night long.
Instead of smoking a pack a day, limit yourself to two or three cigarettes a day and in between those chew gum or keep your mind busy by reading a book or indulging in a hobby. It’s not realistic to force yourself to try and accomplish a New Year’s resolution by quitting the habit cold turkey.
After the first month or so of your resolution you’ll run out of motivation and slip back into your old ways which will make you feel even worse. Focus on sticking to your goals and you’ll be happy with the results in the end.

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