June 26, 2022

Aries: You have been short tempered of late but don’t worry you’ll be given the chance to relax very soon.

Taurus: You have been a part of a large group project and you have been possessive about it, take a step back and you’ll see what you were looking for.horoscope

Gemini: It’s been a difficult week for you and you have been fighting back full fold.  You’ll soon see results for your battles.

Cancer: Your last assignment was graded, but you weren’t too happy with the results.  Don’t take it personally, look at it again with an open mind.

Leo: You have been open to peoples suggestions lately and it’s been giving you a peace of mind, don’t overthink it.

Virgo: You have been very helpful towards the people who have needed you most.  Don’t forget your own needs as well.

Libra: Can’t decide something? Don’t worry, put your thoughts into a hat and pick it out, maybe that’ll help your next course of action.

Scorpio: You have been obsessing about something this week.  Don’t forget about your to do list, Scorpio.

Sagittarius: You have been experiencing so many adventures that you have been forgetting your main purpose. Come back from your fantasies and get back to work.

Capricorn: You have been so worried about things this last week, take a deep breath and let someone else lead for a while.

Aquarius: You have been rebelling against something you feel strongly about, don’t lose faith in what you truly believe.

Pisces: You’re being lazy again. Stop it, take charge in your ideas and go for it.


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