December 5, 2023

Aries: This last week has been difficult for you, relax and continue being optimistic and things will turn out alright.
Taurus: You’ve been wondering about a special someone maybe it’s time to be their hero. Try something different and sweep them off their feet.
Gemini: You have been feeling very nervous lately, doing things without thinking. Take a step back and react accordingly.
Cancer: You have been hiding on the sidelines with a lot of your issues. Take the bull by the horns and go for it.
Leo: Working and school assignments have been leaving you dull and bored. Try making plans for your future? Summers almost here you know.
Virgo: You have been going over the details for weeks now…stop fussing and dive into it.
Libra: Your gut has been trying to tell you something but you haven’t been listening. Turn your attention to what you want instead of what everyone else wants.
Scorpio: You have held a short leash for many things in your life. It is now time to let go and be free.
Sagittarius: You have been filled to the top with cool ideas. Stop hiding them and pitch them somewhere.
Capricorn: Stop holding yourself back, you know that crazy out of the blue idea you had last week? Yeah. Do it.
Aquarius: You have been surrounded by people lately and this has been making you uncomfortable step back and take a night for yourself.
Pisces: You have been forced to act as leader within your recent project, don’t fear it, embrace it and make a difference.

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