May 22, 2022


Mr. Sub in the Coz-E Corner cafeteria on the first floor of Conestoga College’s Doon campus may be closing. A tip to Spoke’s newsroom suggested that Mr. Sub, which has been at that location for a number of years, has not had its contract renewed.

Chartwells, the company responsible for food services for many post-secondary institutions, including Conestoga, is in charge of handling the contracts that decide the food providers on-campus.

Jennifer Bruder, the director of food services for Conestoga, refused to comment on the closure. However, an employee of Mr. Sub, who wished to remain anonymous, was able to confirm that the restaurant is indeed closing, likely at the end of the semester. The employees currently staffing Mr. Sub are not guaranteed positions at whatever new establishment takes over Mr. Sub’s area, the source said.

It is rumoured that Subway, which is already located at the Cambridge campus and has a contract with Chartwells, will be the new restaurant in Coz-E Corner.

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