November 28, 2022


A lot can be done in a minute. Students proved this while showcasing their skills during the Minute to Win It competition on Feb. 10 in the Sanctuary.

Three teams of four competed in mini challenges that had to be completed in 60 seconds. The competition consisted of six rounds which were: Don’t Blow the Joker, Movin’ on Up, This Blows, Stack Attack, Face the Cookie and Hanky Panky.

Before each round started, CSI program co-ordinator Samantha Schwier would show a “blueprint” from YouTube (a video that would fully explain each challenge) to the participants on the projector. After the videos were played, Schwier would go into further detail to ensure the students understood what had to be done in order to successfully complete each round in one minute.

For the first round, Don’t Blow the Joker, one contestant from each team had to attempt to blow an entire deck of cards off the top of a bottle until a joker was revealed.

During the third round, This Blows, the contestants had to blow up a balloon, and then use the escaping air to knock down plastic cups. This process had to be repeated until 15 cups were completely knocked off the table.

For the sixth round, Hanky Panky, the competitors were only allowed to use one hand to empty a full tissue box, by removing one tissue at a time in one minute.

After the sixth round, the teams were tied. To determine a winner, the competitors had a tie-breaker game of rock-paper-scissors.

The winning team, consisting of Anthony Beg, Sean Malinowski, Ashliegh Hill and Brandon Twaddle, received four $25 pre-paid MasterCards.

Sean Malinowski, a first-year journalism student, said the challenges he and his teammates faced were harder than they looked.

“They were extremely difficult, more difficult than I expected,” he said.

Schwier said in the future she will host the event on a different day, in hopes of getting a better turnout.
“I found that today (Tuesday) in the Sanctuary it was a little quiet,” she said.

However, she said she hopes the students who did participate enjoyed the event and made some new friends as well as some great memories.

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