May 29, 2024

The first official Co-Curricular Record (CCR) was presented on May 25 to Daniela Rosiu, a recreation and leisure student, by John Tibbits, college president, and Mike Dinning, vice-president of Student Affairs. Rosiu’s involvement included volunteering as a Student Life leader and participating in multiple Connect Leadership workshops, Learning Skills workshops and Centre for Entrepreneurship workshops.

The CCR was officially launched at Conestoga College in September 2014. It provides a search engine to find various on-campus opportunities for students to maximize their growth and development outside the classroom. Since the launch, the CCR has offered more than 260 opportunities for students to get involved with, resulting in over 1,900 student participations in the 2014 fall semester and 2,400 student participations in the 2015 winter semester. These opportunities are available to all students at Conestoga College and vary from varsity athletics, volunteer opportunities, clubs and societies, committees, recreational opportunities, conferences, and workshops and training.

“The workshops were flexible with my schedule, offering two of the same workshops at different periods of time,” Rosiu said. “I chose the ones that will help me both in my future and in my academics. All the workshops I participated in were great. I wanted to develop my leadership skills not only for college, but for when I am going to the workforce as well.”

Being a new student, there may be challenges with meeting new people and finding activities on-campus. With the CCR, students can easily search for all the opportunities available to them and at the same time meet their fellow colleagues at Conestoga.

“It’s great to meet people and make new friendships. It’s nice seeing new faces and being able to say hi to them in the hallways,” Rosiu said.

Like many other students, Rosiu has used the CCR to contribute to building a welcoming and positive community on-campus.

Getting involved with the CCR has allowed students to develop transferable skills which they can apply toward their courses and future employment. It can also be used as concrete evidence to support the skills they have learned and developed outside the classroom. “It is important to put it in your portfolio and attach it to your resume to show you did your part and you want to develop,” Rosiu said.

CCR involvement continues to grow at Conestoga College with opportunities available from all areas of the college. To find out how you can get involved, enhance your experience, and make the most of your time at Conestoga, visit the Student Life department in Room 2A101-2 at the Doon campus.


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