September 25, 2022


Aries: Your excitement will carry on to others around you in this new life you’ve set out, keep that positivity.
Taurus: Stop worrying about things that don’t matter right now, focus on the now, you’ll be starting something new. Take advantage.
Gemini: New place, new school, new life. This new energy is making your fly high, keep that attitude for the rest of this week.
Cancer: You’re nervous but don’t fret little one, your new path will soon give you peace.
Leo: You’re stubbornness will hurt you, don’t let it. This is something new, don’t panic.
Virgo: People around you are anxious for the next step but you’re taking each stride with pride.
Libra: You’re moving in with someone you don’t know, why not get to know them the first night, maybe go out for some coffee.
Scorpio: Don’t let your emotions control your new outlook on your life. Take control of the reins and charge forward.
Sagittarius: This is perfect for you, you can finally prove to everyone how responsible and independent you are; make them all proud.
Capricorn: The new responsibility bestowed upon you will keep you busy but don’t forget about people you are leaving behind.
Aquarius: You’re bursting with bright and new ideas for this new year, use your inventive mind to your advantage. Show them what you got.
Pisces: You’re worrying about this new adventure and your worry is blinding you to the excitement of it. Let it go and try something new.

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