October 2, 2022

Now deep thoughts…with Conestoga College

Random questions answered by random students

What advice do you have for first-year students?

“Not to leave their projects until the last minute.”

Nathan Brown, protection/security and investigation

“Come prepared and expect a lot of work. Pack your own lunch, campus food is expensive.”

Jaime Messecar, public relations

“Do what you love. Never give up, there’s something out there for everyone.”

Kevin Henry, protection/security and investigation

“To manage their time wisely, otherwise it all piles up at the end.”

Darling Deleon, legal office administration

“Expect to be here late at night and on weekends. Don’t get distracted by social media.”

Kat Taylor, public relations

“Be ready to have an outlook on a vast majority of careers.”

Ruth Ignuta, protection/security and investigation

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