March 2, 2024


Despite a cold night Conestoga College’s women’s soccer team was on fire during their game Sept. 30. Everyone sat in the stands huddling from the cold, but the weather did not stop the audience from cheering as the women won their game against the Redeemer University College Royals, 2-0.

In the first half the team played hard. Megan Longpre took out Royals player Lauren Tamming when both went for the ball.

Early in the first half, Condors player Olivia Nelles raced toward the net and scored the first goal. The Royals tried hard to redeem themselves but failed. Nelles was happy with how the game went and believed that the Royals gave it their all.

“They did show well, but next time I’m in it for the blood,” said Nelles, a Condors midfielder, who wanted to defeat the Royals by a larger score.

During the second half, Conestoga’s Katelyn Wynja collided with Royals player Danielle VanderHeide. Both of the women jumped to their feet and raced after the ball.

The second half flew by as Jennifer Farquhar scored the final goal for the Condors, who easily won the game.

The Condors head coach was happy with the way the team played.

“(We’ve been) defending and attacking more,” said Eric Stewart. “Before we were very defensive minded. We usually only play with one striker, but we played with two this time.”

The women’s outdoor soccer team is 1-4 this season. They face the Redeemers again today on the Redeemers home field.

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