February 24, 2024


Autumn is the perfect time to listen to dark, eerie music.

If you’re a lover of indie, folk, light rock or alternative music, I think you’ll find The Paper Kites is the perfect mixture. The Australian band falls under a range of different genres, known for their “ethereal and moody” sound.

“We have a vibe we want to keep, but we want to expand it as well,” said Christina Lacy, the band’s female vocalist, in a trailer promoting their new album.

Twelvefour was recorded in March and was released on Aug. 28. According to the band, the album got its name because all of the songs on the album were written between the hours of 12 and 4 a.m., when band members were most inspired. All of their music videos are set between those hours too, each featuring different characters, plots and locations.

In the trailer, Sam Bentley, the lead singer, said these were his “most creative hours.”

The album, which was produced by Grammy-nominated Phil Ek (who also produced both of Fleet Foxes albums), is a few steps forward in terms of their older work. Their lyrics are even more poetic and their keyboard and guitar solos are even sweeter, if that’s possible.

The band formed in 2010. All five members have been close friends since high school; Bentley and Lacy began writing and playing music together as teens. They currently have two extended plays and two albums.

Every time I listen to the newest album, my favourite song changes. Each one flows into the next perfectly, yet they’re all so different in terms of lyrics and tone. Right now, it’s Relevator Eyes; the guitar flux at the end of the song will make your hair stand up.

To my excitement, they announced they’re playing at Starlight in Waterloo Nov. 30, featuring music from their latest album and a short film on the making of it. Ecstatic, I bought tickets immediately.

The best part? They’re still a fairly underground band, so their tickets are dirt cheap at just $14.

Visit www.ticketweb.ca/event/the-paper-kites-starlight-tickets/6138995 to buy tickets.

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