February 2, 2023

By Christel Allison

CA nurse

You’re in college and pregnant. That shouldn’t be the end of your life.
If you’re pregnant and confused, make you way down to Health Services. College is really complicated and stressful in its entirety so, go get all the support you need. The first step will be getting a test to confirm that you are really pregnant, and then you’ll get an appointment with the doctor before having bloodwork done to find out how far along you are. You’ll also have someone to talk to about your options.

“There are options. They can look at adoption,” said Conestoga College nurse Lyndsay Enright. “There’s termination but that’s controversial.”
The college doesn’t directly offer those options; they refer students to Grand River Hospital or an obstetrician.

The issue of financial instability poses a problem most times but OHIP does cover the costs you might incur in the process and, for international students, it varies depending on the actual situation so you have to find out what applies to you personally.

If you feel more comfortable seeking support outside of the college environment, you can walk through the doors of Planned Parenthood in Kitchener. They understand that young women have a hard time finding someone who won’t judge them or pressure them into making decisions.
“We provide pregnancy options, information and support,” said director Lyndsey Butcher.

These services are free and confidential so even if you don’t have a health card, you’ll still be attended to. All the sessions are private and they also provide emotional support and options.

The options available to you are abortion, adoption and parenting. They’ll work you through whatever decision you make.

Another option is St. Monica House. They provide professional support, community programs and housing for single youth who are pregnant, placing for adoption or parenting.

Planned Parenthood can be reached at 519-743-9360 and St. Monica House at 519-743-0291.

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