February 2, 2023


Single? Sick of dating the wrong people? Have you had it with dating? A female empowerment “dating smart” seminar is being held in Kitchener that could help.

Dating coach Chantal Heide held her last workshop in Kitchener on Sept. 26. It was a success so now she’s back with another seminar on Nov. 28 from 1 to 5 p.m.

The seminar will give women a clear understanding of human behaviour so they can apply it to dating, but it’s also about confidence and self-esteem so you can take it and go out into the world.

Attendees will learn about Heide’s seven steps to lasting, intimate love: grounding, clarity, overcoming fear, connecting, discovery, intimacy and love.

Through these steps they will learn how to meet “the one” and why it hasn’t happened yet.

Throughout the seminar there will be a series of exercises. One of these exercises is to make a list of what you’re looking for in a partner. This is part of step three, clarity.

“If you’re not clear he could be right in front of you but if you’re not clear on what you want, you’re not going to realize that that’s the guy for you,” Heide said.

Mothers who buy tickets are encouraged to bring their daughters with them for free. Heide said her current audience is 30 years old and up but she wants to reach out to a younger audience.

Heide said the feedback has been positive. She’s had people come up and say, “I wish I would have known this sooner,” and “It taught me how to value myself first.”

Kathy Smith attended one of Heide’s seminars and has kept in touch since then. Smith had positive things to say about the seminar.

“The message that resonated with me was gaining the self-confidence and empowerment so you don’t date the wrong kind of guy or someone who is not right for you,” she said.

Smith added that the environment at the seminar was very supportive and friendly.

“I would definitely recommend it to either someone who is trying to find the right partner or someone who is just looking for improved self-confidence in their life and relationships,” she said.

The seminar will also feature guest speaker, Davor Cvijic, vice-president of sales for iNutrition Inc.

He will be talking about people’s relationship with food, what he calls “one of the most intimate relationships we can have,” and how following some simple general principles can enhance your energy, mood, self-confidence and even relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

“Looking great helps with the confidence thing too,” he said.

Following the right diet principles, Cvijic said, will provide proper hormonal balance, making it easier to cope with stress, providing more energy and resulting in improved body composition.

“All of this results in being the best you that you can be,” he said.

“I believe that to find love, you need to love yourself first and creating the optimal environment internally is the first step in that journey.”

Tickets are $65 and are available at www.canadasdatingcoach.com.

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