February 5, 2023



Most Conestoga students have one thing in common: they endeavour to be successful.
Many students think the best tool they can possess when it comes to focusing on their studies is their own self-perseverance.

“I remind myself that I don’t have a choice,” said Jesse Moore, a first-year protection/security and investigation student. “I pay good money to be here.”

“I want to do well. I know all of us do,” said Ruth Popescu, a third-year bachelor of science nursing student. “That cat video can wait.”

Recently, websites and programs have been emerging that can be used as focusing aids for workers and students.

Cold Turkey, a website designed by Felix Logic, blocks an unlimited number of other websites for an allotted time period. Self-control is a Mac program that does the same; even if the application is deleted or the computer is restarted, the user must wait until the time expires to access the originally blocked websites.

These tools can be used to temporarily eliminate distractions such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, which some students struggle to refrain from during crucial work and study time, but most students say they have enough willpower and don’t need them.

“Blocking students from social media would help students study a little better, but there are always other things,” said Peter Magolan, a first-year supply chain and operations student. “They could still watch TV or hang out with friends. They must want to study.”

Popescu said, “Sometimes it’s useful to have things like Facebook available because we communicate with other people in our classes, or if you want to YouTube a specific skill or concept that you don’t understand.”

Many Condors claimed to be self-driven, using study methods of personal preference rather than depending on tools that withhold distractions from them.

“I listen to music,” said Josh Dunsmore, a first-year protection/security and investigation student. “The tempo and the beat make things flow faster.”

Popescu said, “Noise is the main reason most students have issues studying at the campus. I usually try to move to another space, to a more quiet area.”

Magolan said, “I will find a place where I can do my work quietly (and) turn my phone on silent. I have the power to keep focusing.”

Thanks to the new renovations in the library, students have a clean, comfortable, quiet area where studying and working can be done in peace, right here on campus. For advice from other students, visit the blog, http://studying-hard.tumblr.com/.

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