August 8, 2022


The Town and Gown barbecue on Sept. 22 was held to bring Conestoga students and homeowners living near Doon campus together. The event is thrown every year to encourage and foster community.

According to Laura Black, Student Life programmer, the event is always enjoyed by students and their neighbours.

“I think it’s a good, safe way to introduce people to one another and to show that the permanent residents aren’t there to harm the students or accuse them of anything,” said Black. “If anything, they’re just wanting to create a relationship so that they can check in with each other before any problems come to fruition.”

Feedback after the events has always been positive, Black said, and people are always looking forward to it.

“You can never go wrong with activities and free food, and I think that’s a really positive way to start the year. It is a proactive, positive event for students to really get involved in the community.”

While this is the only neighbourhood barbecue being held this year, Student Life will be holding a community cleanup event on Earth Day, April 22, as another way for students to give back to the community they live in.

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