June 21, 2024



Some students struggle to put food on the table for a variety of reasons. However, there are various resources available at the college that can help, including the Conestoga Students Inc. food bank and the Aboriginal Services food bank.

CSI’s food bank is available for any full-time student once a month. It’s located in Room 2A119. The Aboriginal Services food bank is available for aboriginal students who attend Conestoga and is located in Room 1A103.
“Anyone can donate to the food bank by dropping off items at the food bank or at our main office,” said Jeff Scherer, president of CSI. “We are also affiliated with the Food Bank of Waterloo Region and often students donate through events and class projects.”

The Aboriginal Services food bank is supported by a partnership with the Cambridge Food Bank.

Both food banks accept and provide all non-perishable food items such as
cereal, soup, canned vegetables and past, and have hygiene
products available.

Approximately 60 to 70 students per month use CSI’s food bank and the Aboriginal Services food bank usually receives between five and 15 requests per month. According to Myeengun Henry of Aboriginal Services, students seem to access the food cupboard more in the middle and at the end of the month.

“We have found students need to have food and eat in order to be successful,” said Lois MacDonald, administrative support clerk at Aboriginal Services. “If there is no food to eat, then the students will not be successful in their studies.”

CSI’s food bank is a budget item, with money set aside for staffing and for restocking when needed.

“Many student groups run events throughout the year that benefit our food bank,” said Scherer. “Around the holiday season we ask for donations of special items to put together holiday packages.”

Aboriginal Services also holds an annual food drive at their powwow event where anyone is able to donate and help out.

If you’d like to get involved, visit CSI’s main office in Room 2A106 on Doon campus or Aboriginal Services in Room 1A103.

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