December 2, 2023


It’s tough coming up with a great gift idea for your boyfriend or girlfriend during the holiday season. However, you can warm her heart and rock his socks off with some of these unique ideas for presents.

A couple of seasonal stores at Conestoga Mall are only here for a limited time but have excellent gift ideas for your significant other.

Calendar Club is a seasonal retailer that offers a large variety of calendars, games and toys for all ages.

“Adult colouring books are really popular this year,” said Brittany Doerbecker, a customer service representative at Calendar Club. “We have some basic abstract ones, but there are all different kinds like Disney cartoons and Harry Potter editions.” She also said there are all sorts of calendars available for the new year and that there’s something for everyone.

“There are also lots of different types of games like party games and drinking games for college students,” said Doerbecker. “Personally Incorrect is a great card game. It’s the Canadian version of Cards against Humanity, but is more overtly sexual, but it depends on your sense of humour.”

She shared the game Quelf, where you have to do all sorts of things like sing, dance and act and you have to make your way around the board by guessing correctly what your team members are portraying.

Doerbecker also said if you like strategic games, Catan’s always a good choice. The premise is that a new land has been discovered and you need to build settlements and gather resources. To progress further, you need a certain number of cards to build a road or expand a settlement and it’s all about trading. It’s more of a group game, but can be played with even two or three people.

The Handmaiden is another seasonal retailer that offers various home decor and furnishings and is only at Conestoga Mall until March 2016.

“We have lots of stuff for couples like photo frames, wine glasses and lots of different types of mugs,” said Kayla Mooney, a key holder at The Handmaiden. “A lot of the items we have are sort of rustic and vintage and some are also sort of country. We have lots of signs and decor with phrases like inspirational quotes and funny quotes and stuff like that.”

She also said a lot of them are directed toward certain aspects like cabins, lakes and cottages or even to men declaring that this is their man cave. Mooney said they also have Harley-Davidson stuff for him if he’s into motorcycles, and paintings of horses and signs for her.

There’s also a wide selection of candles and candle melts as well as lots of different styles of jewelry and earrings and these would make great gifts for girlfriends.

If you’re looking for something for the holiday season, there are also unique ornaments and Christmas decorations available. The Handmaiden also has a variety of socks, scarves and mitts for the winter.

Whatever gift idea you come up with, start shopping now because Christmas will be here before you know it.


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