September 25, 2022


IMG_1120How explosive do things need to get before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau changes his mind?

Although Trudeau expressed to the G20 gathering that Canada was “profoundly saddened” by the recent events in Paris, I don’t think he believes it’s a valid enough cause to get his hands dirty.
Last week, after the terrorist attack in France occurred, leaving more than 100 people dead, the European Union and United States stepped up to offer help in investigating the attack as well as developing an offence. Immediately after the events on Nov. 13, the EU got to work investigating suspects connected to the Paris bombings and shootings and began a search through France, Belgium and Greece. On Nov. 15, logistical coordinates provided by the United States were pounded with 20 bombs from the French Air Force. Yet, Canada, one of France’s greatest allies, is doing next to nothing. I think this is very upsetting, especially considering the fact that just over a year ago, there were two similar lone wolf attacks on our home soil at Parliament Hill. In the attack, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent were killed.

The speculations about the growing threat of ISIS are no longer speculations. The terrorist group’s targets are growing. Members are disguising themselves as Syrian refugees who are being given homes as a humanitarian service. No wonder Canadians are worried about radicalized terrorists coming to misinform, train and brew home-grown terror from within our borders.
If Trudeau is not ready to take a stand and show Canada will participate in combat, then he is allowing ISIS to continue to grow and become more threatening. He will be responsible if radicalized terror cells see our nation as a safe haven. Worst of all, he is showing our closest allies in the EU and United States that we only fight wars when we’re being threatened and we don’t stand up for our allies when they’re being attacked. This message will be remembered for generations to come.

Yes, after the terrorist attacks, Trudeau said France would have the support of Canada in the weeks and months to come. What exactly does that mean? I see that as a well-constructed, politically correct statement that is not in any way backed up by his decision to still move forward with his pledge to pull Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets from the U.S.-led bombing mission in Syria and Iraq. Instead, he believes increasing the training of fighters in those countries is the better plan of attack. I believe this plan would be better implemented with fighter jets overhead bombing key coordinates. That’s the only way this war on terror is going to end.


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