April 24, 2024


Weddings and drama, unfortunately, go hand in hand. How did your big day become everyone else’s? Weddings are about celebrating the bride’s and groom’s love for one another and wishing them many good years to come.

Don’t get me wrong, I like weddings, but when siblings squabble, mother-in-laws stand off against each other and bridesmaids have cat fights, it’s enough to make anyone have an extra glass of wine. Or two.

For instance, I have a friend whose half-brother is getting married and she isn’t going to be a bridesmaid, but her other half-sister will be. I think that the bride can have whoever she wants in the wedding party but if your fiance has sisters you should at least have them both be part of it. My friend is so upset about not being a bridesmaid that she is forgetting that she is still a part of the wedding because they want her to give a scripture reading.

When someone isn’t asked to be a bridesmaid it is apparently the end of her social life. There are even TV shows devoted to helping women find the right dress that all of the bridesmaids agree on. Even television networks have taken what is supposed to be a wonderful day and turned it into a contest about whose dress is best or how to outshine the bride.

It’s as if dresses, cakes and banquet halls are more important than the meaning of marriage, of spending the rest of your life with someone. Marriage is not something you should take lightly.

Once you hit a certain age you can end up catching wedding fever. Everyone is getting married so you might as well starting planning too. If you are not thinking about matrimony you are going to weddings or are even in one or two.

Another friend of mine was a bridesmaid for four weddings this past September. Once they were done she complained about being broke. You know what her mom told her? She said she could have just said no. There’s no law that says you have to be in everyone’s wedding.

The one thing that people might forget is that going to weddings can be expensive. If you want to be a bridesmaid, you will pay for it.

There is always some drama in weddings but there can be people who take it over the top. Weddings are for the love birds who are saying their vows and pledging their commitment to each other.

So, the next time you are at a wedding, be sure to remember that you are there to support the newlyweds and that it is not all about you.


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