March 27, 2023

Now deep thoughts…with Conestoga College

Random questions answered by random students

What is something interesting that you’ve learned recently?

“Otto the dog recently beat the world record for the longest human tunnel traveled through by a skateboarding dog”
Gage Knox, second-year public relations

“CSI is trying to get full-year bus passes.”
Allen Bezeau, second-year broadcast journalism

“Learning how to use Avid, coming from Final Cut. The professional program really makes a difference.”
Alex Zibaei, first-year broadcast television

“If you get attacked by a crocodile, jab a finger in its eye to make it let go.”
Kirstin Doerr, second-year advertising and marketing

“At a leadership conference, I had a revelation that I’m an innate leader and I should use those abilities.”
Megan Pries, first-year design foundations

“Owls can’t move their eyes.”
Walberto Ramos, second-year advertising and marketing

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