March 29, 2023


With winter weather finally here, some students are finding it difficult to get motivated for the winter term. After a few weeks of classes and assignments, even the most excited and energized students may start to lose focus and enthusiasm.

“The motivation and the energy that you find in September lasts a little longer than in the winter,” said Lynn Robbins White, a guidance counsellor at the school.

The winter months can bring people down because of a number of things, like driving in bad conditions, staying indoors instead of going out to the gym and doing heavy homework loads.

“I find in the winter I don’t want to do as much,” said Caroline Wysocki, a first-year nursing student. “I’m trying to go to the gym to keep my energy levels up.”

To get through the winter blues there are a few ways to stay motivated. One thing to do is to try and stay active and go to the gym because it helps you focus on other tasks that have more of a mental strain. A way to get motivated and go to the gym is to find a friend to go with and motivate each other. White said it is good to get organized right away and balance your time and develop some good habits of getting enough sleep, exercise and eating healthy foods.

It is hard getting back on track so setting up a schedule and creating goals will help students ease back into a routine. It is also helpful to tap into the school resources and support for any additional help whether it be for graduating students looking into jobs when they graduate or if a student simply wants to speak with a counsellor. If seeking help visit the Counselling Services office in Rm. 1A101 or call them at 519-748-5220, ext. 3360.

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